Alexis Hartley

Being a mother of 2 children and holding down a part time job was proving difficult for me to fit in any exercise away from home and the worst thing was my eating habits were becoming increasingly worrying, I have learnt through eating smarter and frequent minimal exercise that my “look better” goals are achievable.

Heather Ritchie

I suffer from a fairly unique shoulder issue that used to cause me pain most of the time. I wanted to do more at the gym but I didn’t want to aggravate the pain, and my doctor only suggested starting heavy duty painkillers. I approached Richard who developed a fitness plan for me with a particular focus on building upper body strength. 6 months later, not only has my overall fitness improved, but the pain in my shoulder has decreased to an extent where it only affects me perhaps once a week. This has had a really positive impact to my quality of life.

Damiana Casille

I started training with Richard a good ten months ago, and I can say with certainty it’s the wisest decision I’ve made. I was at first reluctant to commit to a fitness and exercise regime due to lower back issues, but little did I know they would practically disappear a few sessions down the line. With Richard we focused on core strengthening, among other fun and diverse things, and I am happy to say I haven’t had any problems since. Richard turned me from potato couch into gym enthusiast in no time, and all I can say is, we’re just getting started!!

Hayley Watson

I’ve trained with Richard for years and years now and I have enjoyed every second. The sessions are always varied and even with just a 30 minutes workout, you feel challenged and pushed to the limit. I’ve attended personal sessions, group sessions, sessions of 2 or 3 and you are always guaranteed not only an excellent workout, but a hell of a lot of fun. If it wasn’t for Richard I would have never tackled any weights on my own or any of the scary tools that are in the gym. I would have stuck with the cross trainer and never ended up going to the gym again. Richard gets you in and gets you working, no nonsense.

Amy Clarke

I have always struggled to motivate myself to exercise, I have tried different gyms, different classes, yet for whatever reason I have not stuck at it and given up after a weeks. Since starting Richards classes I have continued to go twice a week, as once I get there and get stuck I really enjoy it. Every session is different yet engaging which is the biggest thing for me as on past experience I can get bored very easily! Richard genuinely cares about each person achieving results and is always happy to assist if we need any extra help or advice. The sessions are great value for money and the fact that it is a great bunch of girls too really makes a difference!