When the sun is shining!

People appear to be smiling more, walking with a spring in their step, letting each other out at junctions, stopping and chatting in the street!

The sun brings the best out in people as well as nature that’s a given. And it’s Friday, the weekend is upon us already!

And life goes on yet some of us are still struggling.

Struggling to get out of bed and open the curtains.

Some are struggling with a purpose for the day ahead not knowing what lies in store. And with this uncertainty comes anxiety.

Some are already looking forward to the day the kids go back to school! True story!

While we switch our phones on and see people on social media having the times of their lives.

People have already smashed a hour run and devoured a perfect post workout breakfast.

Some have clinched a deal in Tokyo overnight and their share value has doubled. Money is rolling in while they were still asleep!

Maybe you’re away on holiday reading this while a girl in red bikini walks past with a Special K figure to die for? How did she get to look so perfect you may ask?

But the thing is you only see the first impression, the exterior of these people and the ‘highlights’ of their day/week on Instagram or Facebook.

When the reality is all these people are fighting their own battles, struggling with their own demons.

The guy who got up to run or workout at 5am this morning hasn’t trained this month because he’s been depressed and it took every ounce of effort to get out of the front door!

The person who’s shares doubled overnight lost their house last year from a deal that went the other way!

And the Special K girl in the bikini hasn’t eaten for 3 days, cry’s herself to sleep every night and struggles staying in any relationship for longer than a month!

What you see is very rarely the real picture that people portray. So never take it for granted that it’s just you who is struggling be it your weight, money, your job or your relationship.

Everybody is fighting their own battles, myself included.

People seem to think I have a perfect diet, fat from it, it’s just way better than most chronic diets I see people put themselves through.

People think I bounce out of bed every day, on the contrary come Friday I really struggle to get up when my alarm goes off at 5:10am! I’m tired and drained from each week and don’t really want to train myself let alone 30 other people!

Yet I do it because that’s my job, whatever I’m going through at the time, turn up, smile and be as positive as I can muster for all my clients.

Whenever I see somebody that’s overweight and out of shape, I see untapped potential.
Personally, I believe it’s our responsibility as humans to do our best to live up to our genetic potential; anything less is wasting a gift and squandering an opportunity to be great.

However, I know that for each person that hasn’t yet turned the corner, there will come a life-altering moment: the birth of a first child, an eye-opening checkup at the doctor, or simply a look in the mirror one morning that says “enough is enough.”

I can’t give you motivation and inspiration – that fire has to be woken within you.

If you haven’t found the motivation yet to turn your life around, do whatever you can to continue trying new activities, reading different blogs, watching things that inspire you.

There’s a better version of you waiting for you – and a fire that needs to be lit. Be true to yourself and if you need help then reach out to me or someone close and let them know you’re struggling

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